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Submitted by Clive

  • Popular The Body waggler

    The Body waggler

    by clivesangling Added 376 Views / Likes

    Using the body waggler have won me many matches on stillwater distance fishing, with choppy conditions, having the tools to out fish your competitors is the secret to winning, and the body waggler is a float that could win for you.

  • Popular The Stepped Waggler

    The Stepped Waggler

    by clivesangling Added 410 Views / Likes

    This waggler is a continuation and a development from the inserted waggler, used instead of the single insert for a dual purpose

  • Popular The Peacock Waggler

    The Peacock Waggler

    by clivesangling Added 1,023 Views / Likes

    Introducing the Peacock Waggler

  • Popular Inserted Waggler

    Inserted Waggler

    by clivesangling Added 239 Views / Likes

    The Inserted Waggler

  • Popular Introduction to the Waggler

    Introduction to the Waggler

    by clivesangling Added 213 Views / Likes

    An Introduction to Wagglers



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